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About our Direct Invest service

At Goldstone Wealth Management, we recognise that not everyone needs full financial planning advice at every life stage. We also understand that people live busy lives and they may not always have the time to meet a financial adviser on a face to face basis.

Some of these people however may still wish to start a medium to longer term savings plan, or invest a lump sum, to help them meet their own individual future goals and objectives. This goal could be for example building up a fund for a child’s future education, saving up to buy a holiday home or perhaps funding a once in a lifetime worldwide trip.

Goldstone Wealth Management Direct Invest is our simplified on-line advice system which will allow you to access basic savings and investment products from Parmenion Investment Management* and help you on your way to achieve your own individual goals.

At Goldstone Wealth Management we are great believers in spreading risk, so the portfolio recommended for you will include the funds from a variety of investment houses which are regularly reviewed and monitored, to ensure you are offered the cream of the investment crop.

Our smart, online advice services enable you to invest easily and with confidence. All you have to do is answer a series of simple questions about your finances and our user friendly technology will build a balanced portfolio of investments suited to you, with all the cost savings that technology brings.

Fundamentals of Investing

A good understanding of the fundamentals of investing will help you establish a clear financial plan. It is important that your money is invested in areas where you are comfortable with the level of risk it’s exposed to.

Watch our quick two minute video (below) on the fundamentals of investing and our investment management strategy.

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